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Stress Management Health Coach

I believe that happiness is a choice. You have a vision or a story about what our happiness looks like and what our life should be. Sometimes things happen that are not your choice and the story or your vision is shifted without your consent. This shift causes you stress. How do you get back on the path? What does it take to start living and experiencing a life with less stress, more energy, and puts you back in control of your life? In my Free-Yourself Signature Program I help you to change your mindset and to discover the life you deserve.

Visualize your future

Start to answer the question, “How did I get here, and why am I staying?” “What do I want?” I will work with you as you dig deep and ask yourself the bigger why. You will push past the immediate answers that come to mind and really get to the bigger reason behind your desire for change and what it means to you. In this step we will determine your intentions and set your goals. We will focus the direction of our working together and this will allow you to feel an immediate sense of relief and empower you with thoughts of your success.

Change your beliefs

Once your goals and intentions are set I will work with you to break through your old mindset and to break down your goals into small, simple steps. You will change what you believe about your life, what you believe about yourself and the future, and change your inevitability. This is your time to have unconditional support to embrace and accept your story. Once you can see, understand and honor your past you can envision and accomplish a new outcome.

Assume Responsibility

No more victim! You are responsible for your life and for creating your reality. Together we will start integrating the skills that you have learned into your life as you start practicing to live more authentically and start to take care of yourself. We will use different tools to help connect to what is most important to you, you will start to re-balance, and start to become connected to your inner peace while you re-write your “phase II.”


By now you will be able to implement what you have learned and feel the energy; you will live the choice of happiness, and make your goals your priority. In this phase you will surround yourself with the people who support you, leave the past behind, and start to awaken to your dreams. You will consciously make decisions to move forward without barriers to the future. Feel your stress melt away, sleep soundly and have more time for YOU and time for who and what matters most.

Start now! Schedule a Discovery Session with me so I can learn about your dreams and what is causing stress in your life. I can guide you towards the best program for you that will provide you with the life you have been dreaming of!

Discovery Session

Working with me in one of my programs you will receive the support of someone you can trust who has the experience and the tools to help you make the right decisions and share in your joy as you make the decision to take care of you. With personal health coaching, the focus is 100% on you.

Experience a Discovery Session with Kerry Fleckenstein, Health Coach. In this special, Free 45-minute private consultation, available in-person in my East Setauket, NY office or via convenient telephone session, I will help you take the first steps to…

  • Address and discover the issues that are holding you back from success
  • Uncover the underlying beliefs that may be influencing the challenges you’re currently facing
  • Outline a personalized plan of action that will get you on your way to turning your setbacks into real success while I answer all of your questions about the possibility of working together. This will help you and I determine if we’re a great match for your goals.

Kerry – I’m Ready to Take the First Step to
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