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Take care of yourself now!

“How does that make you feel?”  That’s the fundamental question isn’t it?  The answer to that is often the underlying answer to a lot of questions or issues we are dealing with.  How many times is the answer “ugh” or “tired” or STRESSED.  I get asked often if I am just a nutritionist.  The answer would be no.  Why?  Because a nutritionist will explain to you the properties of food, how much to eat, what to eat, when…..    As a Health Coach and nutritional counselor, we want to get to the feelings of food, stress, and life decision.  What is making you feel the way you are, why are you eating what you are eating, and why you are making certain lifestyle decisions that are not working for you?  What feeling are you trying to get to or what feeling are you trying to quash?

That is why “how does that make you feel?” is so important.  How do you feel when you have to go to the third Christmas party this month and all they are going to have is food you know you don’t really want to eat?  When you should be home getting other stuff done? Or you have two projects to get done, a school concert to go to, and holiday shopping?  What are you feeling?  Stressed???

 Do you know what STRESSED spelled backwards is?        D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S!!!

You don’t want to reach for them, especially when they are so readily available this time of year.  Sugar is a stressor.  I know it FEELS good going down, but the subsequent consequences aren’t always worth it.  With the quick rise in blood sugar and the energy rush, comes an even bigger crash causing your body to want more and quickly. 

Remember that during this time it is just as important, if not more important, to practice self-care.  Something to keep in mind during this busy holiday season so that you FEEL good and in control:

1.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

2.  Maintain proper nutrition whenever possible.  By trying to choose protein snacks.  You can avoid some of those sugar consequences.

3.  Get regular exercise.  Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy holding stress at bay.

4.  Pamper yourself.  Get that massage if you can afford the time.  The benefits will outweigh the time spent.

5.  Have the right mindset.  It’s all in perspective right?  Instead of stressful situations feeling threatening, make stressful situations challenges.   For example, if you know you are having holiday gathering, approach it like you would a project at work.  Make a game plan and use time management.  If you are hosting Friday night, then plan something to get done each day beforehand so that when the day of comes, you will only have the things to get done that were crucial at the last minute  Many food items can be made in advance, things cleaned in advance, table set, etc.  PLAN.

I had a client in the other day and we were talking just about this.  Why is it that you can prioritize and delegate at work, but it is harder with family?  If you make the mind shift and run your party or planning of on like a business it will hopefully go a lot smoother.    Free Conusltation