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Ok, first, good for you. There are not that many days where you get to gather around your family’s table with those you may not spend a lot of time with and get to enjoy good food and all that comes with it. It is not a diet day. However it does not have to be the ruin of a diet either. Work it in. That is a big mantra of mine. This is the season of holiday, parties, and extra goodies. Life would be un-enjoyable if you couldn’t ever have these things. That is why we want to have a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle. Not one of binging and abstaining over and over again. If you live a lifestyle of health a day of fun, food and good times is already built in.

So for the meal itself... Yes you can have a little bit of everything. (This goes for all events) But that does not mean 4 pieces of pie, full servings of every carb laden dish on the table, 3 rolls…… you get the picture. It means put “a little” of all you like on your plate. Feel the satisfaction and the fullness. Keep the mindfulness in the picture. If you are on a plan don’t take home the leftovers. It is only a slippery slope until at the time of your New Year’s Resolution you are right back where you started.
For the next month planning for the next party or event is going to serve you well. If you know you have a Christmas party this week or something in the office, plan. Before you go to the party, have veggies or something with fiber, a little fat or protein before you get there. It will allow any consumed alcohol and sugar to be absorbed slower and you won’t be ravenous and willing to eat everything that looks good. Choose the best option when there.

When all is said and done do a form of after party detox. For example:
Have a protein breakfast of about 300 calories. Think oatmeal with raisins. Eggs, or Apples and peanut butter with a piece of English muffin.
Lunch: 350 average calories. Have turkey? Put it on top of a salad with some craisins and walnuts.
Have broth based soups. Lots of veggies and protein, skip the cream.
Dinner: Go for about 500 calories. Again make it a protein and vegetable plate. Greens are cleansing, detoxifying, and full of good fiber which makes you full and satisfied.

Chicken & Zucchini Salad
(Serves 4-6, depending on palm size)
Food types per serving: 1½ Protein (including 1 Nut/Seed), 1 Vegetable, 2-3 oz. Fresh Greens, 2 Oil

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ cup fresh lemon juice
Coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1¾ lb. zucchini, thinly sliced or grated
1½ lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 bunch (~8 oz.) spinach, chopped
1 small bunch (~4 oz.) arugula or leafy lettuce
1 small/medium red onion, thinly sliced
¼ cup chopped walnuts or pecans
3 Tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese
¼ cup chopped fresh basil

Bake chicken (or use leftovers) and cool to room temperature while preparing dressing. In a large bowl, whisk oil and lemon juice; season with salt and pepper. Add zucchini; toss to coat, and marinate for about 15 minutes. If chicken pieces are too large, cut into bite-sized pieces. Toss chicken with zucchini mixture, and add spinach and onion. Garnish with nuts, cheese, and basil before serving.

A good plan back on the wagon is The Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program I offer as a First Line Therapy Practitioner.

Why even have to think about it?  [email protected]   with any questions

It's not too late to be on track:

Use coupon code:   Holiday10  and get 10% of of the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss Program this month.  Good for use 3 times.

“How does that make you feel?”  That’s the fundamental question isn’t it?  The answer to that is often the underlying answer to a lot of questions or issues we are dealing with.  How many times is the answer “ugh” or “tired” or STRESSED.  I get asked often if I am just a nutritionist.  The answer would be no.  Why?  Because a nutritionist will explain to you the properties of food, how much to eat, what to eat, when…..    As a Health Coach and nutritional counselor, we want to get to the feelings of food, stress, and life decision.  What is making you feel the way you are, why are you eating what you are eating, and why you are making certain lifestyle decisions that are not working for you?  What feeling are you trying to get to or what feeling are you trying to quash?

That is why “how does that make you feel?” is so important.  How do you feel when you have to go to the third Christmas party this month and all they are going to have is food you know you don’t really want to eat?  When you should be home getting other stuff done? Or you have two projects to get done, a school concert to go to, and holiday shopping?  What are you feeling?  Stressed???

 Do you know what STRESSED spelled backwards is?        D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S!!!

You don’t want to reach for them, especially when they are so readily available this time of year.  Sugar is a stressor.  I know it FEELS good going down, but the subsequent consequences aren’t always worth it.  With the quick rise in blood sugar and the energy rush, comes an even bigger crash causing your body to want more and quickly. 

Remember that during this time it is just as important, if not more important, to practice self-care.  Something to keep in mind during this busy holiday season so that you FEEL good and in control:

1.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

2.  Maintain proper nutrition whenever possible.  By trying to choose protein snacks.  You can avoid some of those sugar consequences.

3.  Get regular exercise.  Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy holding stress at bay.

4.  Pamper yourself.  Get that massage if you can afford the time.  The benefits will outweigh the time spent.

5.  Have the right mindset.  It’s all in perspective right?  Instead of stressful situations feeling threatening, make stressful situations challenges.   For example, if you know you are having holiday gathering, approach it like you would a project at work.  Make a game plan and use time management.  If you are hosting Friday night, then plan something to get done each day beforehand so that when the day of comes, you will only have the things to get done that were crucial at the last minute  Many food items can be made in advance, things cleaned in advance, table set, etc.  PLAN.

I had a client in the other day and we were talking just about this.  Why is it that you can prioritize and delegate at work, but it is harder with family?  If you make the mind shift and run your party or planning of on like a business it will hopefully go a lot smoother.    Free Conusltation

November 27, 2013
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Immune Health

Strength is the Ideal State

The immune system is perhaps the most important body system when it comes to maintaining health and living a vibrant, active lifestyle. A healthy immune system provides multiple response layers against aggressive environmental factors. The strength of this barrier is influenced by lifestyle habits that can deplete the body’s reserves, such as stress, fast foods, and lack of exercise. Replenishing nutrients essential to healthy immune function can help, as well as ensuring adequate rest, relaxation, recreation, and social ties—all associated with greater vitality and longevity.*

  • Nearly 3 out of 4 of U.S. adolescents and adults may have insufficient levels of vitamin D.
  • Over 1 in 10 Americans may be deficient in vitamin C.
  • 2 in 5 older Americans may have diets deficient in zinc.

Intensive Immune Support on a Regular Basis*
Metagenics offers a variety of science-based formulas for cyclical or daily use to protect against environmental and lifestyle challenges. Some may benefit from higher levels of certain nutrients—such as protein, vitamin C, beta-carotene, selenium, and zinc—than a typical multivitamin or normal diet supplies. Others may benefit from herbal support for respiratory health. And probiotics support immune health by promoting growth of beneficial intestinal flora.*

Acute Immune Support for Occasional Use*
Metagenics also offers targeted formulas for short-term use. Herbs and phytonutrients provide specialized support when the body is run down. Mushroom extracts nourish an immune system under stress, while andrographis provides immune and respiratory support properties. And traditional Chinese medicine offers first response immune system support and safer nasal and sinus health support.*


November 27, 2013
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Well it’s here, the holiday season.What is your main focus?The holidays are stressful for all the obvious reasons.We have more to do than usual.Not only do we have to work our normal hours, take care of our families the way we do all year round, we have parties, shopping, planning, and cooking.For some Thanksgiving is the jumping off point to endless anxiety about food.

Are you dealing with chronic disease, diabetes, or are maintaining or losing weight?Does this leave you wondering and anxious, what am I going to eat at……?You are not alone.Here are some good tips on how to handle these situations so that your day is stress free and fun.

  1. Think about the timing of your meal. Many families eat large meals at odd times on holidays. For example, Thanksgiving dinner may be served in the middle of the afternoon. Plan in advance for how you will handle making changes if your meal does not line up with your regular meal schedule.This is especially true for those who have been following a special diet or are diagnosed with diabetes and/or pre-diabetes.
  2. Be physically active!The best way to compensate for eating a little more than usual is to be active. Start a new tradition that involves moving around away from the food. Ideas include taking a walk with the whole family or playing soccer, catch, or touch football with your children, grandchildren, or the neighborhood kids.If this won’t be possible, maybe before heading out take a walk for yourself.I pop the turkey in and go for a quick run before I have to do anything else.Then I feel ready for the rest of the day.
  3. Have foods to nibble on while you are cooking or waiting to eat.Make sure the foods you choose won’t sabotage blood glucose levels before the meal. Bring a platter of raw or blanched veggies with your favorite low-calorie dip or have a few small pieces of low-fat cheese. Don’t indulge on high-calorie or fried appetizers.I had someone ask in a group if it was “bad manners to bring something healthy to another’s house.”I think actually that would be quite welcoming.
  4. Make selective food choices.Many traditional Thanksgiving foods are high in carbohydrates: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and other desserts. Don’t feel like you have to sample everything on the table.Have a reasonable portion of your favorites and pass on the rest. For example, if stuffing is your favorite, pass on rolls. Choose either sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes. If you really want to try everything, make your portions smaller.
  5. Eat smaller portions.Because high carbohydrate foods are plentiful at most Thanksgiving feasts, watch your portion sizes. If you can’t decide on one or two carbohydrate foods to eat, take very small portions or “samples” of several dishes.
  6. Eat your vegetables.Vegetables are important for everyone! Unfortunately, the vegetable selection on holiday menus is usually limited. We all want to dress up the table with tempting treats. Why not add some colorful vegetable dishes?Veggies come in all colors and are very nutritious. Offer to bring a green salad or a side of steamed veggies that have been seasoned. Non-starchy veggies are low in carbs and calories. They will help fill you up and keep you from over-eating other high-calorie and high-fat foods on the table.

- See more at:

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